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Blackmagic RAW Video Test

On 06, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In News | By admin

We recently finished our test video for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera called ‘Tangerine Dream’. Featuring Andrew Cullimore and taking place in a surreal dream world, the film was our first project shot entirely on RAW video.

RAW video is a completely uncompressed video format with incredible advantages. Most cameras typically throw away at least 95% of their data, but RAW ensures the greatest possible quality is preserved from the camera before editing in post. The file sizes are huge (1 hour of footage equates to over 400GB of stotage space!), and post production is time consuming. However, we were massively impressed by the increased detail, tonal range and depth of colours that are possible with RAW video.

Watch the Blackmagic RAW Video Test

‘Tangerine Dream’ was a preliminary test shoot, Envelope Films will be adopting the RAW workflow for the upcoming short film ‘Hearts’, a romantic innercity drama directed by our very own Judith Chan. We are also officially offering the RAW video workflow to clients, and are really excited to grow and develop with the format in the future.

Special thanks to Ric Addlesee and Andrew Cullimore for their amazing help on ‘Tangerine Dream’.

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