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CITV in 2015

On 21, Dec 2015 | No Comments | In News | By admin

We love working for CITV and wow, what a year it has been. We started the year by providing a camera training workshop to the graphics department at CITV. The attendees included 2 Bafta winners!

Next up was CITV designer robots. We were invited to come and film at a school near Birmingham for 2 days capturing content for TV broadcast. The project involved a group of primary school students designing and building robots with key functions. One of our favourites was a robot that was designed to take water to the homeless! Another was a robot that was designed to cheat at homework (every school child needs help with homework from time to time!). We then filmed the robots back at CITV HQ so that the graphics team could make some additional stop motion fun from these amazing robots. These ingenious creations together with some cool blueprints and other graphics designed by CITV, were made into 30 second pieces that were aired on CITV at various points throughout the day.

Finally, we spent the summer filming the Tillie and Noah summer zone. This was a series of 30 second links shown everyday on CITV over the summer. We were tasked with filming 20 links in just one filming session every week for seven weeks! Each link was shown twice a day and featured plenty of craziness including rap songs, what’s in Tillie’s hair and interdimensional slime that ends up in a portal box! Absolutely bonkers.

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