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Filmonik Easter Kabaret Intro Film

On 20, May 2014 | No Comments | In News | By admin

Envelope Films were proud to sponsor the Filmonik Kabaret in Easter 2014. Held over 4 days in Federation House (location provided by Castefield Gallery), the Easter Kabaret was an international film workshop encouraging collaboration and experimentation.

Envelope Films co-produced the Filmonik Easter Kabaret Intro Film with Jonny Pratt, and was based on promotional artwork designed by Gareth Crook.

Watch the Filmonik Kabaret Intro Film

“We shot the performances in separate chunks in front of a green screen, then used several effects to create the impression of an animated spray-paint stencil. A virtual camera was key-framed to move across four 4K videos arranged in sequence and in time with the music, once the silhouettes had been layered over the high res backdrop and exported.”

-Director Jonny Pratt

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