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On 30, Aug 2018 | In | By admin

CITV / Make CITV Yours

We are very proud to have been the camera and lighting team for CITV’s new channel advert, aired on all ITV channels. The advert was produced by CITV and directed by Westley Wood.

On 17, Jan 2018 | In | By admin

Rochdale Development Agency / Town Hall Lottery Bid

Rochdale Town Hall is one of the greatest examples of gothic architecture in the North West. While some sections have been kept in stunning conditions, many parts are in great need of redevelopment. 2018 will see Rochdale launch a HLF bid for a massive investment into the town hall. If successful, the project would transform the building into a civic centre for the whole community.

On 11, Jan 2018 | In | By admin

CITV / Branding Advert

We were proud to have filmed ITV’s main branding commercial for their children’s channel, CITV. The advert was produced by CITV, with Envelope Films providing camera and lighting crew for the shoot and branding consultation during the pre-production phase. The advert was broadcasted for several months nationwide across all ITV channels.

On 08, Jan 2018 | In | By admin

Contact Theatre / Growing Up

The film explores some of the issues surrounding early adulthood and was conceived by Future Fires. Future Fires are 9 young workshop facilitators who are mentored by Contact to help deliver arts projects across Manchester. Sessions led by Envelope Films guided the group towards articulating their ideas and developing a plan for production.

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Mencap / Cyberbully Mencap / Cyberbully Mencap / Cyberbully Mencap / Cyberbully Mencap / Cyberbully Mencap / Cyberbully

On 07, Jan 2018 | No Comments | In | By admin

Mencap / Cyberbully

Cyberbully is an interactive film commissioned by Mencap and Raising Your Game. Created from a series of workshops with young people from a mixed abilities school in Wigan, the film centres around a troubled teenager, Jake Stirling, who wrestles with personal problems and social pressures. Cyberbully invites the audience to make some of Jake’s key decisions over the course of 3 days. Designed to educate and encourage discussion, Cyberbully puts you in the driver seat and lets you explore Jake’s possible futures.

Click here to view one of the possible endings.


On 06, Jan 2018 | In | By admin

CITV / Movie Club

Produced as a commercial for CITV’s ‘Movie Club’, the advert pays homage to the Miramax short; ‘voiceover guy gets fired’. Produced by CITV, Envelope Films provided the camera and lighting crew for the shoot and provided preproduction support to help create the look of the advert. The advert was then re-edited to advertise many feature film titles to be aired during the ‘Movie Club’ slot.

On 01, Jan 2018 | In | By admin

HRP / Tudors On Tour

Filmed during Historic Royal Palaces’ ‘Tudors On Tour’ family festival at Tatton Park, the film captures highlights of the weekend including the King’s arrival and the exciting live joust.

On 01, Jan 2017 | In | By admin

CITV / Designers – Robots

CITV Designers – Robots was a series of 10 short pieces scheduled for between CITV programmes. The pieces were produced by CITV, with Envelope Films providing the camera crew and filming equipment for the shoot. The pieces feature real kids at school who have created fantastical robots out of everyday items. Here is Mollie’s and Maddie’s ‘Sweet Machine’!

On 01, Jan 2017 | In | By admin

YPAC / Community Cafe Project

YPAC is a youth and community charity based in Miles Platting. They run a huge range of projects often with the support of local schools. The community cafe project was about including young people in positive community roles while educating them about healthy eating and food management.

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